1. Pam and Me

    I’ve been friends with my dearest, oldest friend Pam since we were 9 years old, which is a loooooooooong time :-)

    If you are ever lucky enough to meet her, you’ll never forget her. She’s the kindest, sweetest, funniest, most generous person you’re ever likely to meet on this planet. Ever.

    Pam is so special that everyone gravitates towards her and befriends her for life and is the better for it.

    Outside of my biological family, she has known me and put up with me the longest. She is more than family to me :-)

    She amazes me. She’s been through some hellish troubles in her life and she never fails to meet them head on and deal with them with no fuss or drama. I envy her ability to do that.

    I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long while now. The pics on the left are from when we were about 14 and the pics on the right are from when we both turned 40. Please excuse the crap photo quality and 1980s fashion faux pas :-$ I honestly think we’re both much foxier now ha ha :-D

    I’ll love you always Pam xXx

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