1) Last week I aborted crossing the road at the last minute because I saw a van coming quite quickly. Then in a split second, I lost my balance and fell into the road, landed on my knees right in front of the aforementioned van. I wasn’t even drunk or wearing stupid shoes! So humiliating :-$

2) Found clothes in the washing machine that I didn’t remember putting in there.

3) Watching Frasier and commented “I like Martin’s cane. I like those four feet on the bottom. They look really sturdy”.

4) Waiting for my prescription in the chemist I found my self lurking in a quiet corner right by the incontinence products and disability aids. There were a pair of black mens’ shoes with a velcro strap. I commented that they looked ‘comfy’.

5) Watched an elderly lady get on the bus with her wheeled walking frame. It had a seat on it on as well. I was feeling quite hot & tired and decided that I wouldn’t mind one of those.