1. Stuff That Makes Me Feel Like A Freak Because Most People Like Them And I Don’t

    Ok so…..this post is about stuff most people love and assume (incorrectly) that everyone else does too. I can’t count the amount of times people have said to me “Oh…..so why don’t you like [x] then?” with an expression of “you weirdo" on their faces.

    I don’t passionately hate coffee, in fact, I rather like the smell of freshly ground beans. I’m just not enamoured with the taste of it, the bitterness mainly. I will drink it if there really is nothing else on offer but given the choice, I’d just rather not. I don’t like the ‘badger’s bum’ after-taste it leaves in my mouth and…….I can smell it in my pee.

    What realllllly cheeses me off though is how it’s the assumed (non alcoholic) social lubricant. “Do you want to come round for a coffee”, “Shall we meet for a coffee”, “There’ll be a break in an hour for coffee and biscuits”. Why can’t we meet for a ‘nice pot of tea’ or any other beverage for that matter? Eh?

    On the plus side though, because I don’t drink it I’m not addicted to its caffeine content. Suckaaaaaas :-P Ha Ha.

    Flavour-wise I can take it or leave it. Some wines taste alright. Most taste and feel like battery acid to me, especially fizzy ones. I find wine to be very astringent and exceptionally dehydrating. It makes my head throb from lack of liquid before an evening is over and always gives me the hangover from hell. Iiiiiffff….I do drink it, I prefer red over white and never touch rose. It looks too much like your pee when you have cystitis.

    Much like coffee, it’s the assumption that it’s the drink of choice to have with a meal that bugs me. I’d much rather have something refreshing and thirst quenching. I find the snobbery and money associated with fancy bottles pretty disgusting too. It’s just a drink, get a grip people!

    Olive Oil
    In recent years there seems to have been an increasing trend in Britain of drizzling, bathing, and drowning food in olive oil. Yes, it has some nutritional benefits but come on, we don’t need a ton of it on everything, masking the other flavours and making everything…..oily. I’ve never liked olives anyway and if I find them lurking on food they get picked off and discarded like a crawly bug would. Yuck!

    I think there’s an element of snobbery too in having bottles of the stuff lined up on a kitchen shelf like faux cultural mascots.

    Perhaps it’s because all my absolute favourite foods that excite and inspire me are Asian. With wonderful colours, flavours and aromas. To me, French and Italian cuisine is just…..meh. And what flavours there are there, I’d rather taste than being suffocated with oil.

    The Sun
    Most people in Britain crave hot summer weather, but not me. Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year when the temperatures are a cool but refreshingly pleasant 16-21 degrees centigrade. I like sunny days but not the summer sun.

    I hate being too hot. It makes me headachy and sweaty and grumpy. I don’t like craving shade and air conditioning. I don’t like how tired the hot sun makes me feel. I find sun-bathing incredibly boring and that’s the other thing…..the sun hates my skin. I have Northern European genes so my skin is very pale and so the sun smokes me like a hog roast.

    I actually got badly burned and had severe sunstroke one year after too much sun exposure. I was in agony and puking from both ends. Never felt so sick ever. I do envy people that really enjoy it but this fair maiden isn’t one of them :-)

    And Finally
    So after reading all this, you might think I’m a right grumpy old bastard ha ha :-) I’m actually not at all. I’m just…..um…….different. And I felt like having a rant about those things that set me apart from the majority (which is no bad thing really) :-D

  2. Bowie - Being ‘Normal’

    A selection of photos of the inimitable David Bowie going about his daily life.
    There’s a marked difference between the 1970 pram picture and the market picture 34 years later.
    Remarkable that you could easily pass by this legend and not bat an eyelid :-)

    There are more amazing photos on the original blog post here:


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